Global SEO Franchise Opportunity

The Global SEO Company franchise opportunity offers you a complete done for you business tools. Here is opportunity for you to sell internet & marketing services and make commissions for as long the client stays.  That means that each client will be making you Minimum of $150 For LIFE!  We pay you 30% of whatever the package price is to you. How nice would that be.  We take our SEO franchise program very seriously and will provide you with all the tools you need to start making money today.

  • See How to earn Minimum $18.000/Month for life!

Let's start with SEO, If you only make 1 sale per month(For our Minimun SEO Package witch is $499 a Month), in twelve months you will be earning $1800/month.  And in your first year you will earn a total of $21,600.  That’s if you just get 1 sale per month.  You can realistically close for more sales than that.  When you make 10 sales per month, you will make Residual  $18,000  a month at the end of your first year.  That’s right.  You could be making eighteen THOUSAND dollars a month just for sending 10 customers to us through your Global SEO franchise program.  And along the way you will make $216,000 dollars ! that first year while you are building up your customer base.

  • SEO Affiliate = Early Retirement

if you work for one year and bring in just 10 clients a month, you will earn nearly $216,000 a year doing NOTHING else.  You can retire and the paychecks will keep coming.  We do all the work.  We keep the clients happy.  And as long as they stay with the service you will keep making money.  If you have a full time job or want to just spend your time traveling you can work with us in your spare time.  We have a team here 24/7 to close all your sales for you and you can use the team for a flat monthly fee no matter how many leads you send.  All you have to do is get customers .  Our 24/7 sales team will close the sale for you and you still get 100% of your commission.  No other program offers so much profitability so fast.

  • Real Time Statistics and Sales Reporting

Whether you want to track every lead or just every sale our powerful system can provide you with all the data you need to maximize conversions and your profit margins.  Our system is the most powerful backend software in the business,The  system that handles payment processing handles all sales tracking.  That means you get your checks on time.  Everytime. Log in 24 hours a day to track your traffic, leads and conversion statistics.

  • Bigger Clients = Bigger Payouts

We want to encourage you to bring us the best prospects you can find.  So we don’t just pay a fixed amount per customer.  We pay you 30% of whatever they pay for any service.  A PPC client may be spending as much as $3000  a month on SEO.  You get 30% of their spend just for introducing real marketing service to their business.
Many of our clients expand their needs and grow into custom packages.  As their needs grow so do your payouts.  So why wait?

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