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We at Global SEO Company offer theme based & natural Link building services, which is also an integral part of our Search engine optimization process. We offer reciprocal links, one-way and three way links. The links provided by us are only from quality; theme based high page rank websites. We don't use any automated link submissions or link harvester software. We work on the basis of your suggested keywords to get maximum link benefits.

Being a search engine optimization and web development company we understand how important links for your websites and its significant role in increasing your website's link popularity. A high Link popularity signifies high Page Rank though it is not a rule. There are many factors beside links which are taken into account while calculating the Page Rank of a website.

Link popularity has been one of the most important factors of any effective search engine optimization process. Link building requires dedication and consistent effort. It is the most difficult, time-consuming and important task an SEO performs to get a website ranked well. It helps to generate good amount of traffic on your site.

At Global SEO Company, we have been performing link building services for site on different theme's with emphasis on search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Our most important motive is client's satisfaction. We have made more then 150000 links for different theme's sites till July 2009 and have successfully completed more than 1000 link building projects both one way and reciprocal.

We are specialized in following link building services:

  • One Way Link Building
  • Reciprocal Or Two way Linking
  • Triangular Or Three way Linking


One Way Link Building:

When we say one way links, it is all about putting your link on the site without exchanging any other link. One way linking is the best way to improve the ranking in search engines. Since other web sites are recommending your site without linking back, search engines believe that your site is very important and can provide excellent value to customers.

The biggest advantage of one way linking is you are automatically protected from bad back links. If the back linked site is not good enough then you can actually lose out your page rank as well as rankings in the search engine. To gain the most benefit from your links, the link back to your web page should be one that can be followed by the search engine robots. Plain old text links and image links usually can be followed by the search engine robots.

One way linked sites offer tremendous value it is more likely to be staying there for a longer period of time unlike reciprocal links. Site owners add these links because they think that it is a value add to the user experience.

One way link building means hard work and long term determination to achieve good link popularity. By improving the quality of your website, you improve the chance to obtain good quality natural links.

Reciprocal Or Two Way Link Building:

This is the most popular practice in linking building campaign today. Reciprocal linking means two web sites that agrees to link to each other. It is also known as link swaps, link exchanges and link partners. A reciprocal link is an assurance about your site. This link basically explains that the site at the other end of this link feels that my site is important enough to link to, and I feel that their site is important enough that I am willing to let visitors leave my site via this link.

Reciprocal links help in driving traffic to the site as well as enhancing rankings in the search engines. In case reciprocal links search engines emphasis more on quality of the links. The good quality links consists of relevant theme, good page rank and good value add to customer.

We can judge reciprocal links quality on the basis of following parameters:

  • Theme Relevance: Sites you are approaching for Reciprocal Linking must be similar to the theme of your site.
  • Category Specific: Your like on a site must be placed at most specific category related with your link page content.
  • Decent Page Rank: Getting links from the site with better Page Rank gives you more benefit than having link exchange with the site with low page Rank.
  • Cached Resources: The link page where you place you site link must be cached by search engines.


Triangular Or Three Way Link Building:

Once one way linking became almost impossible for webmasters, triangular linking introduced. This is great technique, which can manipulate reciprocal linking into one way linking. In triangular link building, we place a link on a website but put the other's link on different web site. For example: I will put my link on your web site and in exchange of that, will put your link on some other site but not mine. With the help of this technique webmasters started to pretend that it is a one way linking.

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